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  • Automatic USB-Switch
  • Fast recovery of complete IT systems
  • Helps you secure your backups
  • USB-Switch with Built-in Timer

What is DataProtector?

A simple USB-3.0 switch with builtin timer function.

Overview of core functions

Data Protector is reliable and easy to set up


Protect your Backups against Ransomware and other data loss scenarios.


Automatically switch your USB-Device by time.

Physical separation

DataProtector separates your hard drives from Host.

Only one device is connected to the Host for a specified time period.

Physical control

The device is only manageable by physical access.

No Host computer can influence settings or switch devices.

How it works?


What customers think of Dataprotector

" Thanks to data protector, I no longer had to manually switch my hard drive every day
Andreas Steindler / CEO / Payroll Office
" Thanks to dataprotector, I was able to quickly restore my data after a data loss
Peter Steiner / CEO / Law firm
" Dataprotector has made it much easier for me to back up my company data
Sandra Klammer / CEO / Transport company


Read most frequent questions

Is DATAPROTECTOR suitable for private individuals or companies ?

DataProtector is suitable for any application where data backup is required.

Can the device be manipulated or disrupted from the outside?

Since our device works offline, changes can only be made on site.

How long does it take to restore the backups after a cyber attack?

Since we do not use any cloud-based platforms, you can restore your previous backup to your system very quickly.

Which hard drives can I connect?

Almost any hard drive can be connected. (HDD, SSD …. etc)

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